This is the original ‘My Pretty Poppet’ that I made in 2007 in a fit of creativity.  I cobbled together things that I had learned from around the internet about doll making and made the doll that I envisioned.  The pattern – I give it to anyone who asks me, and there have been quite a few askers.

But why do I do this?  I’m not eight – the age you might be to enjoy a doll, nor do I know any eight year olds (I certainly don’t have any children).  Many of the others that make dolls from this pattern do not have children.  For me, it isn’t the end product that drives me, but the process – I like to make dolls.  I enjoy bringing them to life.  After they are here… well, I usually give them away, as I have no need for a room full of My Pretty Poppets.   And you know what?  I’m not the only one.

There is a whole community out there that enjoys making stuff just to make stuff.  At Hastings, there are stacks upon stacks of magazines dedicated to paper crafters, sewers, crocheters, beaders – the list is almost endless.  The target audience isn’t so much the older generation who once croched a houseful of doilies, but a younger, generation X or Y hipster who may want to crochet matching Mario and Luigi potholders.  Craft, my friends, is experiencing a makeover. 

When I started sewing 15 years ago, you would never see a young person browsing the fabric at the local JoAnn’s.  Ready-made items were cool, and homemade was a dirty word, implying poverty.  Now, there is a movement to buy handmade, and the cool item is the one that no one else has – the one that you made yourself.

So the questions become: Why do we do this?  Is there some intrinsic value to the act of creation that is not satisfied anywhere else in our lives?  Why craft?  If creation was the only issue, then why not make webpages or go to work on the Frito Lay line?  Why women?  The overwhelming majority of members on crafting forums are women – not men.  If the act of creation is so important – where are the men?


8 thoughts on “I made that. Yeah. Me.

  1. After seeing your super fun doll on I got the pattern and quickly found a love for dolls. I’d sewn before, small projects only, but after creating something so full of love I was hooked. Making dolls has become one of my favorite past times and like you I tend to gift them away. I feel one is never too old to love a doll. They bring back memories from wonderful times. I’ve branched out into other doll forms and modified your wonderful pattern a million times over. The skills learned in making your pattern transfer into almost all doll and plushie making. I create because it makes me feel whole. I thank you (and my great grandma, a doll maker) for showing me how to create something and put smiles on other’s faces!

  2. I’ve been crafting on and off since I was little, mostly sewing. The Poppet was what got me interested in, and subsequently what led me to pursue crafting as not just a hobby, but a way of life (I used to be a chemist). Making these dolls has encouraged me to explore and expand my own talents, and I’m extremely thankful to Ghilie for opening that door. I’ve also taken what I’ve learned from this doll, and created some of my own. Oh, I’m a twenty-something without any kids… I just like making dolls. =)

      1. I enjoyed working in a lab, but, even though it was what I had thought I wanted, my heart wasn’t in it. I felt like I was part of a team, it kept me very busy and it challenged me to keep learning new skills (though, I usually did just do the same tests over and over and over…). I was in quality assurance – I made sure your shampoo smelled right, your sunscreen was effective and your toothpaste wasn’t contaminated. I also got to use a bunch of really cool, really expensive pieces of equipment. It just didn’t leave me much time or energy for myself or my spouse (or to get things done around our house). I miss my co-workers, but I love that I can now focus on things that really matter to me – family, home, and creating. Thanks for asking! =)

  3. So as soon as I saw the poppet you made on Craftster I emailed that day for the pattern and I have to say I am still in love with the pattern you made. I have made 12 since and I am currently in the process of making 3 more. I have to also say thank you because while I knew how to sew before I made a poppet it gave me the confidence to try to make other things and expand my creative horizon. Thank you.

  4. so weird to see another person with my name comment. Love it. And I too wonder about why more guys don’t craft. I’ve been itching to get my hubby into some sort of crafting even if it’s woodworking or metal just for him to have something to do at home that doesn’t involve computers(which is what he works on for a living)

    I still love this poppet and the one right after most of your dolls. The faces came out so perfect. They eyes are perfectly spaced. And the faces seem so soft and sweet. 🙂

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