Is there something about your workplace that drives you to craft?  Please comment!


20 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. I am a seasonal employee so I tend to craft to keep myself busy during my off season. I also find that crafting for at least an hour in the morning before I have to go to work really makes my day go smoother. The stress of work makes me want to craft more. A type of therapy, I guess. I work alone for part of the time and it gives me time to put my body on auto pilot and let my brain roam to artistic ideas.

  2. Before I had children and decided to be a stay-at-home mommy, I worked at a JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. I think I crafted nearly every day I worked there, there was so much inspiration! In fact, I started quilting and beadwork while there. I’m still working on the stash I started while there!
    Now, I carft to mantain sanity!

  3. Considering my Work place is my home (I’m a SAHM) and my job is taking care of my kids, husband, and household, I craft because of the tedium (is that a word?) The constant “mom. Mom. Momma.MOM. Momma. mum. Mum. Hi!” and people needing me for something, I use craft as something for me. It’s my “me time.” I don’t often craft for me, but for other people, but the action of creation gives me freedom. Couldn’t get by without it!

  4. I work in a stationary and book store and we have lots of lovely craft and sewing books which I often take a sneak peek at. I do get inspired at work, there is a book cover of a girl wearing a dress that I would love to make, lovely papers and glittery bits for card making and also cook books which make me want to bake which I think is a craft in itself.

  5. I craft as it is the complete antithesis of my job. I work with statistics (yawn) in a health sector that needs the same figures month in, month out (yawn) to take to meetings where the same things are discussed (yawn). If I were’t crafting, I’d be playing computer games or drinking myself hal blind probably, so crafting is a much healthier choice! I also try and do something non computer based as my job is 8 hours in front of a screen so again, crafting ticks the box perfectly

  6. I am a stay at home mom and a babysitting auntie and I craft because it is my sanity. It allows me to have a minute of two for myself. I dont spend money on myself and rarely get out of the house to get my hair done or any me time so I can just zone out for a while but be able to drop it at the scream or squeal of a little one. It also makes me use my brain which is a plus when I carry on conversations on a daily basis with 3 and 4 year olds.

  7. I work part time at a hospital and most times we don’t have any “downtime”, but I keep yarn and knitting needles in my locker for just in case. I’m trying to learn to knit and many ladies there know how, so I figure I can get in a free lesson here and there. I also carry around WIPs in my bag. When I’m not working there or at my full time job (sahm) I craft to keep me sane and to decompress/destress and as an outlet for my creativity. I majored in art back in college, so this is also how I utilize my degree LOL!! I usually end up crafting very late at night or very early in the morning, to begin or end my day.

  8. I work at home (I do everything at home it seems) but I craft so that I can create. It gives me a sense of achievement because it usually makes people happy (mainly kids) and is easily (and pleasurably) finished.

  9. I work as a business consultant (read: when I’m not sitting in dull meetings I’m staring at my computer crunching numbers). It’s fast paced, stressful, competetive and unfortunately does not leave room for much creativity.

    Not being able to express my creativity at work drives me to come home and craft! It really helps calm me after a bonkers day at the office. It also helps me feel a sense of success and accomplishment (not something I always feel at work).

  10. I’m the only counselor at a college and crafting has become my sanity saver. But it’s also become a way for me to connect better with some students. That is great, but I’ll always make sure that it’s my sanity saver before another work tool.

  11. Work is SO inspiring!
    I do a lot of renovating, and it’s amazing the ideas that will pop into your head when looking at a window mechanism, or a doo-dad for a ding-dong that was pulled out of a machine!
    Plus, I do a lot of work with another woman who is very experienced in leather work and sewing fur as well as many other things. We tend to come up with the craziest ideas that bounce between us.

    Sometimes even just the scenery around the campus can be inspiring as well. The location really is gorgeous.

  12. I wanted to add that My kids always want something made by Mom. So they are a huge influence in my crafting too. And since they are my work, it’s relevant 🙂

  13. I work in a web development office for a university. We aren’t permitted much creativity since everything has to follow university conformity. It drives me crazy because there are so many things you could do when you have a website that gets thousands of hits a day. I have to craft if I want to keep my creative sanity. I worry all the time that I will simply fall into a pattern of “blah” (wake up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, repeat). The crafting time I force myself to make time for every day really breaks up the monotony of my day.

  14. I work in a children’s clothing store. I often see a piece of clothing I really like and am inspired to try to create something similar, rather than pay the inflated prices. The same thing happens with some of the accessories (bags, purses, jewelry).

  15. Before becoming a SAHM & homeschooling, I worked as a night auditor. I loved the job, but found that I would come home stressed from the lack of breaks. Finally a friend taught me to crochet rugs. It really saved my sanity. As it was something that didn’t require a lot of brainwork and had instant results, I would often crochet while watching the computer run reports. The rugs also kept me warm since the A/C was often in overdrive.

  16. I work from home and craft on the job. I have to wait for reports to download and upload. Sometimes, I just can’t look at my computer anymore. Embroidery is a great work project for me. I can do a couple of stitches and put it down. Pick it up 10 minutes later and stitch a little more and so on and so on…

  17. I have the most problems with authority and scripts. I am a debt collector now in a financial organization and everything is scripted and we are not allowed to diverge (or say, be creative) from the rules. I can’t follow patterns yet, though I would love to try things. I want to learn to knit. I want to read a crochet pattern. So, what do I do, the things I sew are all crazily cut and put together. I like this outlet. It is letting me scream, “I want to do it this way.” Only one pattern have I followed in craft, and that is the poppet, but have altered it. I wish I could alter my scripts at work.

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