Have you ever used craft to subvert a traditional value you didn’t agree with?


7 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. I made some bondage gear, does that count? 😀
    I made myself a crazy costume for Pride day one year, it consisted of a clear vinyl gladiator style skirt with rainbow beading and a sparkly silver bra and g-string to go under it.
    I shaved my head when I turned 30 and bleached and then dyed stars on it. (I thought that was pretty creative though outside the normal materials I work with)
    I make creepy crafts, skeleton sock monkey, many eyed monster, dissected creatures, internal organs.

    Cute, sweet, and pleasant are nice qualities but they arent the Only ones that reflect our feelings or can be used to express ourselves creatively. I embrace them all, traditional values be damned.

  2. I don’t think I have, but I could be wrong.

    While I didn’t make it, someone else made me a red wedding dress, does that count?

  3. i’m an avid convention goer and cosplayer. Does that count?

    I also dress in lolita fashion on an everyday basis. I made most of my loli clothes simply because its cheaper that way. I don’t do it to flout the traditions but because i like it and it’s cute.

  4. Can’t say that I have…intentionally….
    But I’ve always tried to be me which seemed at times to be non traditional, crossing the lines of what traditionally is labeled men’s work and women’s work.
    I am independent, own power tools and know how to use them, and never wore anything with a skirt in my teen to twenties years, which drove my mom nuts because she grew up in an age where you wore hose and heels to college while I wore cutoff jeans and tank tops. Can’t throw clay in hose and heels LOL! I painted my own apartment and built my own cardboard box furniture when I had my first place on my own. I guess I don’t see it as subversion but just doing what needs to be done. Recently, I replaced the screens on the front windows because they were ripped. And yes, I do own one of those special roller thingies to put the rubber stuff in to hold the screen! Just another day’s work. 🙂

  5. I don’t think I have either. I craft because I enjoy keeping busy and giving my hands something to do other than video games. I guess it’s my new addiction after quitting World of Warcraft. I enjoy the fact that I get to produce something with my time and that I get to give it to someone else once it’s finished. I rarely keep my crafts and don’t sell them so I love that it makes me happy to craft it and makes someone else happy to get it. I know, crochet, and sew and do other things, they may have traditionally been seen as women’s work but now people are less sexist and don’t seem to mind as much if a male does these crafts, although people are usually tentative one first seeing a male knit or crochet they usually later become accepting of this after.

  6. I fell in love with two separate patterns – a knitted womb on Knitty and a fellow craftster’s crocheted yoni. I first made a knit womb and then bought the pattern for the yoni. As I struggled with the crochet pattern, an idea formed in my mind – Maiden, Mother and Crone!!!
    SO – maiden was made with soft pink peace fleece on small needles, tightly knit/crocheted with a white pearl for the YONI
    mother was made with brilliant red yarn, knit and crocheted on the recommended needles, stuffed to overflowing with wool and a pale grey pearl for the YONI
    crone was made with deep burgundy yarn, knit on larger needles, left a little droopy with a black pearl for the YONI…
    Now that I knit it, what to do with it…
    At seminary, we celebrated LGBTQ week with an art show. One of the presenters was unable to show his work at the last moment and I was asked if I had anything – I told of my maiden/mother/crone (I was well known for knitting in class by that time) and was invited to display them. It was a wonderful experience to show my work, even better was watching peoples reactions to my response to the Father/Son/Holy Ghost. Believe it or not, my piece was not the most controversial!!!

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