Today I learned why ready-to-wear and sewing patterns hate me.  First, a little background:  I have been sewing for about 15 years, and I am mostly self taught.  I don’t particularly enjoy sewing clothing because I put so much work into it and it doesn’t fit right.  Today, I have learned why.

Patternmakers think  my ass is huge.  Enormous. 

Thing is – I never thought so.  I always thought I was pretty much in line with the majority of women, a fairly representative sample of the hourglass (other than the thunder thighs).  My waist and hip measurement always falls in line with the pattern size, so what gives?

In class, I am making Simplicity 2562, a wide leg pants pattern for a curvy fit.  Here’s what I had to do to make these pants fit:

1. Lengthen the center back seam, above the crotch curve.  This makes sense because every single pair of ready to wear pants sits lower in the back than it does in the front.  I don’t have a single pair of pants that doesn’t do the ‘backslide.’

2. Widen darts by half an inch.  I already made the curvy option, so I don’t quite understand this.  Shouldn’t they take into account that a curvy girl has a bigger booty?  Sure, it gave me two darts instead of one, but I think the issue lies in the fact that a pattern size 20 is exactly the same shape as a pattern size 10, just larger.  Show me the curvy size twenty that is shaped like a 10 and I’ll show you a plus sized model.

3. Widen the side seam at the hip 3/4″.  This is what happens when darts get bigger.  Gotta add it back in somewhere.

I can see, though, that these pants are really going to fit, and furthermore, they are going to flatter.  So I am sending out a call to all you patternmakers – Make sure you include my booty!


2 thoughts on “The things I learn in sewing class…

  1. I never ever knew that is where you lengthen the seat ! I have backslide all the time!
    What I don’t understand is why when I buy 24’s that the front on some come up under my boobs (they aren’t that saggy yet!) practically and the seat is showing my undies of the day!
    Thanks for the informative blog, I have become a follower!

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