Recently, Mr. Ghilie and I went out to eat a steak dinner where we live. Friday nights, The Spot serves the most fabulous steak and shrimp dinner… but the total was about thirty dollars. Last week I made us steak and mashed potatoes at home for under ten. It got me thinking – how much does it really cost us eat?

Tonight, I made split pea soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. The soup was .99, add some bacon (.50), a third a loaf of bread (.50) and six slices of Kraft singles, also .50. I also added some spices to the soup, and some margarine. So our whole dinner cost about $2.75. It was pretty good, but not particularly healthy.

I got some time coming up, and I think I am going to start a new project starting next week – eating healthy dinners on $5.00 or less.  Can it be done?  Maybe not by me.  I’m not a particularly good cook.  But I’m gonna give it a shot.

Anyone got any good recipes?


2 thoughts on “The High Cost of Eating

  1. it can be done! over here in Australia it is harder to make a meal for $5 but it still works out cheaper to eat at home then out, especially when there are 6 of us to feed.
    Best thing you can do is to ‘experiment’. you can cheat a little by choosing a core ingredient and then googling recipes to make with it.
    I like to use but I am unsure of the American equivalent.
    Good luck

  2. I’m not sure if my stuff works out to under $5.00, but I usually cook and have leftovers, so that kinda makes it 2 or 3 meals for one price. And they’re easy – I like good food, but I don’t like to be tied to the kitchen for an hour (or more).

    If they work for you, cool. If not, that’s fine, too, but here’s the link to some of the recipes I’ve developed (or use frequently) –

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