One of my classes focuses on the sustainability of the fashion industry and the impact of consumer culture on our environment.  The professor gave us a choice of extra credit assignments: write a 15 page research paper, or participate in one of the ongoing research projects.  Naturally, being the lazy-but-grade-grabbing person that I am, I chose to be a guinea pig.  I am going to participate in the Fashion Detox project, which means I cannot purchase any new fashion item beginning next week, for 13 weeks. 

What do you think?  Do you think it will be easy or hard?


One thought on “Fashion Detox

  1. I made a change like this many years ago. I have never been a slave to fashion, so it was easier for me, perhaps, but this is what I do. I only buy bras, underwear, and jeans in retail stores, and I buy a few pairs at a time and wear them till they gasp their last dying breath (about 2-3 years). Other than that, I buy almost exclusively at thrift stores. The trick to avoid looking out of date, for me, is to select things that either never made a trend, or whose trend is long enough past that it looks new again. And most important, I buy only what I really love. If I love everything in my closet, I am less tempted to buy more stuff. Good luck to you!!

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