Today’s Dinner

Broccoli, cheddar and potato soup
2 pounds potatoes: .85
Broccoli florets: 1.00
Carrots: .20
Bacon: 1.00
spices: .25
Milk: .40
Cheese: 2.00
Crescent rolls: 1.25

Total: $6.95, so that’s a bit over my $5.00 limit. I costed out the broccoli at $1.00 because I used only the florets. The broccoli stalks will be ground up and used for tomorrow’s meatloaf. And we have a lot of leftovers, so it all works out in the end. Also, I planned on making biscuits at a cost of .50 instead of the more expensive crescent rolls, but I ran out of milk.

Tomorrow’s dinner: Meatloaf cupcakes
Ground beef: 2.01
Broccoli stalks: .69
Carrots: .20
Oats: .10
Egg: .15
Spices: .20
Ketchup: .10

Total: 3.45. I got 1.55 to play with for a side. I may serve with biscuits (if I get milk) and peas. I got frozen peas on sale for .88, and any leftovers can extend the can of split pea soup I got in the cupboard.


The High Cost of Eating

Recently, Mr. Ghilie and I went out to eat a steak dinner where we live. Friday nights, The Spot serves the most fabulous steak and shrimp dinner… but the total was about thirty dollars. Last week I made us steak and mashed potatoes at home for under ten. It got me thinking – how much does it really cost us eat?

Tonight, I made split pea soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. The soup was .99, add some bacon (.50), a third a loaf of bread (.50) and six slices of Kraft singles, also .50. I also added some spices to the soup, and some margarine. So our whole dinner cost about $2.75. It was pretty good, but not particularly healthy.

I got some time coming up, and I think I am going to start a new project starting next week – eating healthy dinners on $5.00 or less.  Can it be done?  Maybe not by me.  I’m not a particularly good cook.  But I’m gonna give it a shot.

Anyone got any good recipes?