Crafting for good and not evil

Toy Society Drop at K-State: August 11

Toys dropped so far: 4

Gift certificates given to strangers at Wal-Mart: 12

Any more ideas for making the world a better place?


The drop – at a Wal-Mart

I made my drops on Wednesday – they are drop #1302 and 1303 on the Toy Society blog.  It was weird because I felt almost like I was doing something wrong and I didn’t want any witnesses, especially when I was taking this picture.  What kind of weirdo photographs a children’s ride?

We’ve been talking a lot about deviance in class lately, and I can see how this could be a deviant action.  It definitely goes against the grain.

How sad that sharing can seem deviant.

The Evolution of a Pattern

Pattern making sucks.  That’s why I don’t do it often… Once every three years is fine with me.  But there was just notheing out there that I wanted to make for the Toy Society, so new doll, here I come.

The Toy Society recommends child safe toys, so I was fiddling around with safety eyes as joints.

This is how the first pattern draft came out.  It’s pretty much a match to my sketch, but what comes out on paper isn’t necessarily what I wanted.  It looks too much like a teddy bear, and they are a dime a dozen.

This is body number 5.  Still not what I want – I decided here that it wasn’t cheeky enough, and although the arms and legs are more to what I want, they aren’t there yet.

I’m finally pleased with this body.  The head is cheeky enough, no weird lumps in the back of the head, and the shape of the body will lend well to jointing.  I have an arm at home that I like the look of, and I am still working on the leg.

Was all this really necessary? Well, no.  I could have just selected any old pattern out of cyberspace and whipped one up for the Toy Society.  But that wouldn’t truly be mine.  In a sense, what I really want to do is send a piece of myself out there to be loved by a child.  When I started distributing the Poppet Pattern, I loved seeing children playing with a toy that I conceived, and I loved that moms were so proud that they had made them.  I had made a difference in those lives and it gave me a sense of satisfaction.