Boys and Bunny heads.

The Lil Cupcake boy pattern is available for testing, should anyone want to try it out.  Also, there is a page of alternate heads: bunny, elf and fox.

Boy pattern

Alternate heads


This is Lil’ Cupcake, a chibi fashion doll.  She is three pieces – head, arm and body.  I called her Cupcake because she is a pancake style doll but better, like a cupcake.   🙂

She has such cute lil ears!

She has thumbs, and her knees,elbows and hips are stitched across so she is floppy.  You don’t have to do that though – you could make her so she is stiff legged.  There is an optional stiff bent arm included in the pattern.  Her shoulders are jointed with an internal button joint, like a  poppet.  I think this makes her form more appealing, and easier to design clothing for.

Speaking of clothing – she might be the same size as YoSD sized ball joint dolls, the chunky kind, not the slim.  Unfortunately, I do not have a chunky YoSD… will have to download a pattern or two to see the size difference.

This is her w/o clothes.

The pattern and the instructions are on the patterns page.

I am also working on a boy body and heads with different types of ears!