Red, white and blue Cupcake dress

Red, white and blue Cupcake dress

Another printable cupcake dress – just iron batiste onto an 8 1/2 by 11″ sheet of freezer paper and print directly on the fabric. Get the pdf here.


Printable Cupcake Dress Pattern

I made a basic dress pattern for the cupcake doll, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out. It’s a printable pattern – you iron a sheet of freezer paper to some batiste and print the pattern right onto the batiste. Then cut some lining in the same shape as the pattern.


1. Cut dress out.

2. Cut lining – an exact duplicate of the dress.

3. Sew dress front to dress backs at shoulders. Press seams open.

4. Sew lining front to lining backs at shoulders. Press seams open.

5. With right sides together, place the front against the lining. Pin together.

6. Sew both armholes on the seamline.

7. Sew neck and back opening on the seamline.

8. sew the hem on the seam line. Only the side seams should be open at this point.

8. Turn right side out by pulling the backs of the dress through the channel in the shoulder. This is the hardest part. Press.

9. Sew the side seams. Press.

Someone wanna be my guinea pig and test out the dress? Pretty please?

I need to know if the armholes are large enough to fit the hands through, if you can actually get the backs through the shoulder bits, and of course, if you have a better way to construct it, let me know. And send me pictures!

Fashion Detox

One of my classes focuses on the sustainability of the fashion industry and the impact of consumer culture on our environment.  The professor gave us a choice of extra credit assignments: write a 15 page research paper, or participate in one of the ongoing research projects.  Naturally, being the lazy-but-grade-grabbing person that I am, I chose to be a guinea pig.  I am going to participate in the Fashion Detox project, which means I cannot purchase any new fashion item beginning next week, for 13 weeks. 

What do you think?  Do you think it will be easy or hard?